Activities in Levi

It is worth it to come to Levi even from far! The landscapes are amazing, especially in the wintertime, and activities are largely provided by many companies. Here we have collected some tips where to find those activities. 

Moskun Guru has tried these activities himself

Moskun Guru has tried different activities in Levi and its surroundings. Click the pictures to see them bigger!

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Activities listed by the Levi Ski Resort

The main tourist attraction in Levi are the downhill skiing slopes, but what if you want to experience something else, too? The Levi Ski Resort has gathered many activities to one page including the prices.

Lapland Safaris in Levi

Lapland Safaris has been organising tours and activities for tourists for over 30 years. Here’s their listing as to what to experience in Levi!

Restaurant Kammi

If you want to make yourself familiar with the gourmet side of Lapland and Levi, you have to try Restaurant Kammi’s food. They offer typical foods in the Finnish Lapland, for example reindeer meat and baked potatos. The setting is something to experience, too: an open fire and stylish furniture.